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Chinese condoms too small for our Zimbabwean men ; Health Minister

The Zimbabwean Health Minister has reportedly claimed condoms made in China are too small for his citizens’ prodigious penises. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa was speaking at an HIV conference in Harare last week when he slammed contraceptives produced in the People’s Republic.

‘The southern African region has the highest incidence of HIV and we are promoting the use of condoms,’ he said, according to the website New Zimbabwe. ‘Youths now have a particular condom that they like, but we don’t manufacture them. We import condoms from China and some men complain they are too small.’ The health minister’s statement prompted one Chinese firm to promise to focus on making its prophylactics a bit bigger.

Zhao Chuan, chief executive of a condom manufacturer named ‘Beijing Daxiang and His Friends’, told the South China Morning Post that his company would make bigger condoms. He said: ‘As to the different demands from customers such as in Zimbabwe, Daxiang, as a Chinese manufacturer, has the ability and the obligation to make a contribution, so we have started to do some surveys on users’ data in the region to make preparations for future products with different sizes.’

In 2015, it was suggested that the average man from Zimbabwe has a penis that’s 6.1 inches long, whilst a Chinese chaps’ willies were a less impressive and averaged out at 4.3 inches.

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